Bulldax Terms of Service

Article 1 (The Purpose of the Terms and Conditions)

These terms and conditions are designed to specify the fixed income services and the accompanying items provided by Bulldax (hereinafter referred to as "Company") to its customers.

Article 2 (Content of the Fixed Income Services in Virtual Assets)

A service in which a customer who opened an account with a company shall apply for investment in the virtual asset (hereinafter referred to as the "investor") to the customer who wishes to invest the virtual asset for a period of time (hereinafter referred to as the "borrower"), and the resulting investment income shall be attributed to the investor through the borrower.

Article 3 (Enforcement of the investment service agreement in Virtual Assets)

If the investor wants to use the investment service, the investment service agreement becomes effective if the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of this agreement, applies for use through the procedure, and the company approves the service.

Article 4 (Conversion of Virtual Assets to Investment Account)

If a investor who already has an individual account for the transaction wants to use the fixed income service, the investor agrees to the company's individual terms and conditions at the company's internet homepage for the transaction, and applies for fixed income services, the amount of virtual Assets applied through the company's approval process will be converted into an investment account.

Article 5 (Virtual Assets Converted to Investment Account)

The virtual assets converted into an investment account by applying for fixed income services is transferred to the borrower by pooling it into the company's account, and the interest of the arrangement period is attributed to each individual account. However, there is a possibility of an investment loss depending on the outcome of the borrower's business.

Article 6 (Returning payment of deposit interest service)

The return of virtual assets will be paid on the end of service date. (However, if the end date of the investment service is on a weekend or a national holiday, the payment will be returned on the basis of the next business day.)

Article 7 (Virtual asset and the Period of Interest Service)

The company guides customers through its website for online transactions with virtual assets subject to fixed income service.

Article 8 (Termination of Fixed Income Services)

① As the invested virtual asset is attributable to the company's services upon the use of the fixed income service, the customer cannot terminate the arrangement even before the contract period and it cannot be terminated until the fixed income service ends.

② The company may terminate the arrangement in the event of a reason for not being able to provide fixed income services due to the termination of the business partnership with the affiliates.

Article 9 (Limited Service Use)

Customers shall not transfer the virtual asset applied for investment services to a third party without the company's consent or use it for collateral purposes, such as the right of the entity.

Article 10 (Change of Terms and Conditions)

① If the company wants to change these terms and conditions, it shall publish them through its homepage and other similar electronic communication media so that customers can check the details of the change 15 days before the effective date of the changed agreement.

② In the event that the contents of paragraph 1 are unfavorable to the customer, the notice shall be made one month before the effective date of the terms and conditions which are changed in writing or in a manner agreed with the customer.

③ In the event of notification under paragraph 2, Customer may terminate the contract if he does not agree to the change in the terms and conditions, and if he does not express his intention to terminate the contract from the date of receipt of the notification to the business date before the effective date of the change, he shall be deemed to have agreed to the change.

④ If the customer does not express his/her intention to terminate the contract from the date of receipt of the notice in paragraph 3 to the date of operation before the effective date of the modification, the customer shall be deemed to have agreed to the modification.

Article 11 (Exemptions)

Although the company has faithfully performed its duties with considerable care, the company shall not be liable for damages caused by the customer for any of the following reasons, unless there is a responsible reason for the company:

① In case the provision of investment services is delayed or impossible due to natural disasters and the corresponding Force Majeure Event.

② In case the provision of investment funds is delayed or impossible due to the circumstances that are restricted by the relevant laws or otherwise inevitable.

Article 12 (Discussion Adjustment)

In the event of a dispute with the company, the customer may ask the company's civil affairs agency to resolve the dispute or apply for arbitration with the consumer protection agency.

Article 13 (Course Court)

In the event of a need for litigation between the company and the customer in connection with a dispute arising out of connection with a transaction under this Agreement, the competent court shall comply with the provisions of the Civil Procedure Act.

Article 14 (Reference related laws and regulations)

① Matters not specified in this Agreement shall be based on the relevant laws and regulations unless otherwise stipulated in this Agreement, and if they are not specified in the relevant laws and regulations, they shall follow the general correlation cases.

② The 'Basic Terms and Conditions on the Use of Electronic Financial Transactions' and the Electronic Financial Transactions Act shall apply first and foremost.

An auxiliary rule

(Enforcement date) These terms and conditions shall go into effect as of 26th November 2019.

(Enforcement date) These terms and conditions shall go into effect as of 18th December 2019.

(Enforcement date) These terms and conditions shall go into effect as of 3rd April 2020.

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